Women in Leadership Program Enrolls 1,000 Students

eCornell’s Women in Leadership certificate program has reached a major milestone, enrolling 1,000 students since it launched in January 2017.

Authored by Dyson School professor Deborah Streeter, the Women in Leadership certificate program identifies issues facing women in leadership positions and offers actionable strategies to address them.

Women hold just 5.2 percent of CEO positions at top companies and are underrepresented at every level of workplace leadership. They earn just 78 cents for every dollar a man makes; the gap is even wider for women of color.

“Every day at work, women must present a very public face of leadership, one which balances being powerful and effective with being ‘nice.’ There isn’t much room for error as they navigate the so-called double-bind,” Streeter said. “But while participating in the Women in Leadership certificate program, each woman has an intimate and confidential setting to apply the course content to her own life and context. This is a rare, private opportunity for reflection and personal career-building, separate from the professional environment they share with colleagues.”

Throughout the program’s five courses, women learn how to recognize and navigate gender dynamics in the workplace, advocate for themselves and their teams, and strengthen their emotional intelligence to stand out as a leader of men and women.

“Since completing the program, I am more cognizant of the way in which I speak. I avoid softening my message with apologetic words, and I am bolder when articulating my ideas. These courses empower female professionals to embrace leadership opportunities that once seemed too daunting,” said Laura Woodard Clark, corporate communications officer at P&S Surgical Hospital.

Upon completion of this certificate program, students receive a Women in Leadership Certificate from the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.