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eCornell joins the Guild & Team USA Learning Network to support athletes

By Molly Israel

Through the Guild and Team USA Learning Network, eCornell will be the preferred provider of professional education for Team USA over the next five years. The collaboration is designed to connect Team USA athletes—including Olympic and Paralympic athletes …

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Applied Machine Learning certificate prepares professionals for data science careers

Effective data analysis can make all the difference for a company’s efficiency. Advances in machine learning…

Cornell public health certificate closes 8 primary skill gaps for students

Recent global events have underscored a pressing truth: our ever-expanding interactions with the natural world can…

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A culture of intrapreneurship: 3 practices for organizational innovation

In business, reinvention does not happen overnight. It is the result of scaled innovation – years…

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The Perfect Match: Pairing Beer with Food

Open a restaurant menu and you will often find a specific wine suggested to pair with a particular dish. But what if you prefer a crisp lager over a fruity Riesling? Certain beers pair just as well with food as …

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