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3D chrome brain statue, generated with AI

Cornell Keynotes podcast: Mid-year trends in generative AI tech

What are the latest breakthroughs in generative AI? What’s just noise?

In a new episode of the Cornell Keynotes podcast from eCornell, Karan Girotra, the Charles H. Dyson Family Professor of Management and professor of operations, technology and innovation at the Cornell …

A wooden gavel and a metal stethoscope lying side by side on an open book with visible text on the pages.

Cornell online certificate trains leaders in health care compliance

Critical decisions are made every second in health care, each undertaken with layers of both medical…

Navigating DEI in a Post-Affirmative Action Landscape

Backlash against corporate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives quickly followed the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2023…

Outline of the human brain with colorful paper chips inside

Cornell Keynotes podcast: Combining right brain and left brain thinking as inventors, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

The entrepreneurial mindset is for everyone, from aspiring inventors to corporate managers. In a new episode…

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The Perfect Match: Pairing Beer with Food

Open a restaurant menu and you will often find a specific wine suggested to pair with a particular dish. But what if you prefer a crisp lager over a fruity Riesling? Certain beers pair just as well with food as …

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