Mark’s business analytics story

My experience with eCornell has been nothing but positive. The courses had detailed instructions and guidance to assist me in learning the material. When it came to the course projects, I was able to actually apply these new concepts rather than simply repeat steps with different values. The instructors gave me positive insight, which proved incredibly helpful. I like to think outside of the box, and this certificate is going to help me conceptualize how I want to approach certain problems going forward.

Lee’s hospitality story

I have been working with senior management in hotels and restaurants for more than 20 years, and I have to say that the training received at Cornell has provided me with a series of very valuable tools for professional growth. Running a hotel successfully today is a highly collaborative process that involves many roles, perseverance, effort, and a significant share of leadership — only with the extra commitment to go the extra mile will results come.

Kara’s story

It’s been a crazy year but dipping my toes into something completely new and out of the ordinary for me was really exciting. After earning this certificate, I no longer just buy wines for the art on the label (welp, sometimes!) but for what is actually said on the label. I can walk through the wine store with more confidence than before and now treat myself and others to some real gems even before trying the bottles out.

Kevin’s story with Integrated Marketing 360

Going back to school at 45 years old and taking 16 courses was a trip, but I have to say that I appreciated it so much more than when I was younger. I was able to study the concepts at night and apply them the very next morning at work. If you’re thinking about doing something like this, don’t hesitate!

Sara’s story with Procurement Strategy

My experience with eCornell was life-changing, door-opening. I was awestricken, thinking, “Wow, I can change my future!” I started out looking for an avenue of further education to improve my current role, and also to show my 2 kids that a single mom in her 40’s CAN do anything. I took an interest in what Cornell had to offer so I applied! And just like that, my journey began. I learned more about my role as a Purchasing Agent, and I’m able to utilize my learned skills on a daily basis. I’m very eager to learn more — Procurement Strategy is only the beginning.”

Nakia’s story

Meet Nakia Hall. She’s using the knowledge she gained from her Diversity and Inclusion certificate to supplement her professional knowledge of D&I in the workplace.

Kelly’s story

“I completed my Women in Leadership Certificate during the most challenging year of my adult life, and I came out of the experience a better career woman and leader, in both my personal and professional life. My certificate gave me an escape of the precarious world around me, and encouraged me to walk the tightrope and make it across.”