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This week, we’ve found some great pieces from quite a few of our favorite news sources: HeBS, tnooz, and more. Enjoy!

Finding the Optimal Pricing Approach for your Hotel

“With the economic woes largely behind us and demand exceeding pre-recession levels, pricing right has never been more important in the industry. Is it surprising, however that so many hotel companies still seem to struggle with finding the optimal pricing approach for their business.”

Back to Basics with Hotel Search Engine Optimization

“When talking about SEO it’s important not to get lost in all the information and misinformation one can find on the internet. The purpose of this article is to guide you to the essentials of the best practices for SEO, right now in 2013.”

Top 10 Twitter Tips for Hotels

“Discover Top 10 Twitter Tips For Hotels. Take advantage of some hands on Twitter Tips your Hotel can adapt immediately.”

Are Verified Reviews the Future? I Say ‘No’

“As important as online reviews are to the success of your hotel today, I have a feeling we’re just at the tip of the iceberg. TripAdvisor dominated the game for a long time—and still does. What will really shake things up is when reviews about your hotel are integrated into the mediums consumers frequent everyday—TV, phone, tablet, Google—and served up just at the right time: purchase point.”

How Hoteliers Can Leverage New Pinterest Features to Enhance Their Online Marketing Strategy

“With the launch of new features and tools such as business accounts, Pinterest Web Analytics, and a site redesign, Pinterest has also evolved to become a more efficient and effective marketing tool for hoteliers.”

Best Practices in Hotel Crisis Management

“If you follow these five tips, your hotel will be well positioned to handle any crisis scenario. Situations like these come at unexpected times and almost always require real-time, responsive response over social media.”