What is Old HR Tech Costing Your Company?

For decades, HR spreadsheets were really the only option for managing employee data. Only lately have companies (especially smaller companies) had options for managing HR data. Because technology allows you to keep employees states—even countries—away, you should also use the latest technology to manage your employee information accurately and efficiently. If you are still using spreadsheets to track employee data, you need to ask yourself—why?

Why to Get Out of HR Spreadsheets

HR spreadsheets have been holding companies back for years. Because on-premise HR solutions were so bulky and expensive, it left small to medium companies to fend for themselves with only their flimsy spreadsheets. Here are five reasons spreadsheets don’t cut it anymore:

  1. Spreadsheets waste time. HR is stuck spending up to 80 percent of its time trying to update many scattered spreadsheets with the same information.
  2. Spreadsheets are inaccurate. Studies have shown that over 90 percent of company spreadsheets have significant errors! If HR provides inaccurate data, the whole company suffers from non-compliance and possibly costly litigation.
  3. Spreadsheets can’t report. Trying to report using data from many spreadsheets can take hours or even days! By that time, information could already be outdated.
  4. Spreadsheets lack security. HR has to store lots of super sensitive information, like social security numbers, addresses and bank account numbers. Fifty percent of identity theft occurs because employee records weren’t protected.
  5. Spreadsheets aren’t universal. There’s no standard to entering data into spreadsheets. With all the different ways to set up formulas and tabs, it gets complicated fast!

When to Get Out of HR Spreadsheets

Just because HR spreadsheets have done a “good enough” job isn’t reason enough to keep doing HR with inefficient, time-wasting spreadsheets. For true growth and productivity, your HR process needs to reflect that by allowing an innovative and agile solution to manage employee data.

HR software allows you to keep all your employee data in a single, secure database that’s accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection and is always up-to-date. Reports are created in seconds, rather than hours, because data is right there. It’s protected with layers of encryption and security measures. HR software simplifies most of the day-to-day HR functions, like automating PTO, managing training and tracking benefits. It’s time to throw out that old HR technology and gives HR hours back into their days to focus on improved hiring, training programs and turning employees into tomorrow’s leaders.