Our Favorite Reads of the Week: Casinos, German, Company Campfires, & Startups

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking engaged employees are the same as satisfied employees. Engaged employees are significantly more dedicated and emotionally connected to their work, their coworkers, and the organization’s overall goals. This week, we found a plethora of content on employee engagement. and I’ve gathered some of the latest and greatest resources from industry top performers: Forbes, Inc, Rosetta Stone, and more.

Caesars Entertainment Uses Employee Engagement to Inspire Customer Loyalty

Caesars casino finds that customer loyalty and satisfaction is directly linked to Caesars employees’ level of participation in sustainable activities at work.

“Companies wishing to take their social and environmental efforts to the next level often view consumer engagement as the holy grail of corporate sustainability efforts. But the best way to engage our customers in our sustainability journey is by engaging our most valuable asset: our employees.”

How Communication Can Improve Employee Engagement

Language education giant Rosetta Stone provides some clear advice on employee engagement: Talk to your employees. Seemingly simple yet not as commonly followed.

“Employees need to know how the organization is doing. They need to know how they fit into the big picture. They need to know how their efforts influence the overall outcome in terms of business results…A culture of open and honest communication needs to start at the top. Only then can you foster employee engagement for years to come.”

How the Best Places to Work are Nailing Employee Engagement

7 spot on strategies for fostering a culture of engaged employees with examples from the industry’s most successful organizations.

“Having the right engagement practices powered by understanding the drivers most meaningful to employees can work towards creating a more motivated and high-performing workforce. Committing to an intentional culture that’s open, transparent, and enables employees to thrive is important for retaining top performers. Whether it’s participating in community events, celebrating coworkers or fostering more open communication, organizations that build a culture where employee involvement matters can nail employee engagement and create a great place to work.”

How to Hang Onto Your Best & Brightest

Think like a startup entrepreneur! You may be putting a lot of time and energy into recruiting top talent, but how about keeping them on board?

“Start by deciding exactly who you need to retain. Be honest. Some people are more valuable to your company than others, so focus on the things that are important to them. Employees won’t stay because of the size of the paycheck. They’ll stay because they feel they are recognized, engaged, challenged, and part of a team.”