Lead Your Remote Workforce To Success

After Yahoo and BestBuy dissolved their remote work programs in 2013, many business leaders and HR professionals started looking at their own flexible work programs with a keener eye and a greater degree of skepticism and scrutiny.

But remote work as a business practice is not inherently problematic; it’s that most organizations don’t know how to make it work to their advantage. When structured properly, a remote workforce can be as effective as any on-site organization.

In this one-hour webinar, David Lewis, President and CEO of OperationsInc, shows you how to organize a remote-work culture that gets results and develop a leadership strategy that drives success.

In this session, David looks at:

  • How to establish rules and guidelines, and decide when remote work is appropriate and feasible.
  • Best practices in measuring performance and tracking a remote team’s activities and accomplishments.
  • Common pitfalls and issues, and how to anticipate and avoid them.