Hotel Revenue and Online Feedback

In January 2010, a Hotel & Motel Management/Market Metrix study showed that online reviews had become the biggest factor in potential customers’ hotel choices.

Chris Anderson, Ph.D., associate professor at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, called this moment a “tipping point” when he spoke to Travel Weekly last year about his landmark study on the impact of social media on lodging performance.

Today, this impact is increasing exponentially as more travelers book online and flock to social media. Still, most hotels can only address online guest feedback after the fact.

Some innovative hotels and brands see a better solution, one that combines online reviews, social media feedback, and modern surveying techniques to build customer awareness, deliver better service, and drive revenue.

To learn more, join eCornell and Revinate for a free webinar on Tuesday, June 11, 2013, where Cornell University’s Bill Carroll, Ph.D., and Michelle Wohl, Revinate’s Vice President of Marketing, will discuss:

  • Guest Sentiment Scoring (GSS) versus Sentiment Analysis

  • Embracing Transparency to Drive Sales

  • Using Feedback to Improve Operations in Real-Time

  • Changing Trends in Compensation

Register for the webinar today. We look forward to the conversation!