Entrepreneur Video Contest Winners

eCornell celebrates and encourages entrepreneurs in their quest to build great products. One of the most crucial steps involved in developing new products and services is to develop and articulate a clear understanding of customer needs. Believe it or not, many products are developed without a deep sense of how customers will use them, which often leads to products with low adoptions rates. With that in mind, our newest certificate program, A Systems Approach to Product and Service Design arms entrepreneurs with an eight step process to design and develop products the right way.

Congratulations to the eCornell Entrepreneur Video Contest Winners!

Our First Place winner, Pamela Swingley, won a scholarship for the eCornell Systems Approach to Product and Service Design Certificate program (a $3,500 dollar value). Our Second and Third Place winners both won 2 free courses each (a $1,250 dollar value each).

eCornell is proud to award Pamela, Jay, and Aaron – their submissions were inspiring and creative!