Emerging Killer Applications for Big Data

Charles W. Eliot, the former president of Harvard University, once noted, “All business proceeds on beliefs, or judgments of probabilities, and not on certainties.” So, since according to Eliot there is no certainty in business, decision makers need to …

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3 Reasons Big-Data Has Big Relevance

To those who challenge the significance of big-data, I say, “Get real.”

Big-data absolutely matters for analytics and related disciplines such as market research and competitive intelligence. Why? Because it offers distinct benefits that can otherwise be hard, or even impossible, …

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Conjoint Analysis and Big Data

Recently, the team at eCornell had the chance to sit down with Marco Vriens, Managing Director of Strategic Analytics and SVP Methodology at The Modellers and ask for his insights on marketing research using conjoint analysis. Marco has also appeared in eCornell’s …

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