A Multichannel Mobile Dependency

Most of the time my mobile device is physically in my hand or within a quick reach away. When I work out or go running, it is faithfully strapped to my arm. When I drive it is sitting patiently in the center cup holder. I acknowledge that it often sleeps next to me. And I am not alone with my mobile dependency.

It’s no surprise that contact centers want to know how to successfully support interactions from the mobile platform. 63% of recently surveyed contact center leaders say mobile is a competitive differentiator and 72% consider it a necessary service platform. Research also shows that when a mobile user is contacting customer support, they often have higher expectations than if they were coming into queue from chat, email or a landline. In fact, 42% of surveyed leaders claim this is true!

One really important nuance? URGENCY. Think about it. When you need to contact customer support from your mobile, you are probably in the middle of something that requires ASSISTANCE. NOW.

You could be shopping for those almost sold-out concert tickets while standing in line at Starbucks, or attempting to make last-minute anniversary reservations at your wife’s favorite restaurant while sitting in a meeting, or trying to rebook a missed flight while still idling on the tarmac. Perhaps you simply need to access your bank account to see if you really can afford that gorgeous pair of shoes you just found on the Gilt sale that’s ending in 3 minutes.

Regardless, you need to get answers now! Not in 10 minutes, and certainly not in 8 business hours. And you need to be able to access customer service from your device without interrupting the primary activity you are also engaged in. That’s another one of those vital mobile nuances.

Now consider being without all the amazing things your mobile device does for you every day. Imagine waking up one morning and your fancy phone couldn’t map out directions, retrieve email, access Scrabble, or log your pre-marathon training runs. That’s exactly what happened to me when I was in the Philippines for a project. I had prearranged with Verizon to have international data activated, but unfortunately when I arrived, the only thing my iPhone could do was place phone calls and receive text messages.

My epitomical multichannel device had left me momentarily one-dimensional.

Verizon may have a leg up because they are in the mobile space, but they do know mobile customer service. I had received a free welcome text message upon landing in Manila, which is the only reason I was able to quickly reach Roaming Support. I clicked the number and was immediately routed to an amazing agent that was determined to figure out my problem.

We used every troubleshooting mechanism available to us in my limited state, including a video SMS, texted screenshots, and several callbacks from him after changing settings and restarting my phone.

The agent was patient, funny, and competent. He gave me back the mobile device I loved, and in turn I shared some love back.

When I received a text message the next day requesting a CSAT survey response, you can be sure I completed it.

Just this morning I received a proactive automated reminder call from Verizon that a payment was due. I self-service paid directly by pushing a button and immediately received the receipt via SMS. I think it was the ease of the process that completely eradicated the pain of the payment.

Multichannel, mobile support done right.