Sara’s story with Procurement Strategy

My experience with eCornell was life-changing, door-opening. I was awestricken, thinking, “Wow, I can change my future!” I started out looking for an avenue of further education to improve my current role, and also to show my 2 kids that a single mom in her 40’s CAN do anything. I took an interest in what Cornell had to offer so I applied! And just like that, my journey began. I learned more about my role as a Purchasing Agent, and I’m able to utilize my learned skills on a daily basis. I’m very eager to learn more — Procurement Strategy is only the beginning.”

Michelle’s story

Meet Michelle Padilla. She’s using her Content Writing certificate to advance her marketing career — with immediate results.

Nakia’s story

Meet Nakia Hall. She’s using the knowledge she gained from her Diversity and Inclusion certificate to supplement her professional knowledge of D&I in the workplace.

Kelly’s story

“I completed my Women in Leadership Certificate during the most challenging year of my adult life, and I came out of the experience a better career woman and leader, in both my personal and professional life. My certificate gave me an escape of the precarious world around me, and encouraged me to walk the tightrope and make it across.”

Christine’s story

Christine Judson completed certificates in Hospitality Marketing and Revenue Management.

Chorten’s story

Hear Chorten Wangyel, an eCornell hospitality student, share his story and experience with the eCornell certificate program. Chorten is the General Manager at The Dunmore Hotel & Residences.

CAU offers online classes with Cornell faculty for adults and youth this summer

Cornell’s Adult University invites alumni, their friends and family, and the general public to expand their minds this summer by taking live, online courses taught by Cornell faculty and graduate students.

These weeklong CAU classes, offered through the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions and eCornell, range from art to engineering and science and will run July 12 through August 6, 2021.

The summer program continues CAU’s success in offering online courses last summer and again this winter due to the pandemic. Traditionally, CAU hosts trips around the world and on-campus summer programming, all taught by Cornell faculty, for adults and youth.

“True to form, Cornell’s faculty and graduate students have generously supported CAU’s summer online learning initiatives by offering to teach a range of subjects to our avid learners, finding the experience to be both refreshing and rewarding,” said CAU’s director, Lora Gruber-Hine.

“Feedback from CAU students has encouraged instructors to maximize student interactions and incorporate diverse activities to keep learning engaging and fun.”

This summer’s weeklong online courses will feature synchronous lectures and discussions, small class sizes, one-on-one interactions with instructors and group learning sessions. Participants will earn a custom Cornell certificate upon successful completion of their course.

Adults may register in weeklong courses on architecture, Finger Lakes natural history, Italian film, Indonesia, ocean biodiversity, photography, poetry, and wine tasting. Each course features four hours of live, interactive content taught by Cornell faculty, three or more hours of asynchronous learning and access to curated resources.

Cornell physics professor Jim Alexander and his mother attended the Archipelago: Indonesia Past and Present course taught last winter (and again this summer) by Eric Tagliacozzo, the John Stambaugh Professor of History. Alexander said he was impressed by the quality of the instruction and the curriculum.

“Eric was an excellent teacher and covered a wide range of topics and history with evident deep expertise,” Alexander said. “He was completely open to questions and discussion, which helped make the class lively and engaged.”

With fingers crossed for in-person programming to be possible again soon, Alexander will lead his own CAU class on a physics education vacation to Switzerland and CERN in 2022.

Also on tap this summer are CAU programs for youth and teens ages 10–15. Students may register for weeklong courses in biomedical engineering, cryptography, spider science, bird identification, physics, cosmology, and veterinary science. These courses feature five hours of live, interactive content taught by a Cornell instructor along with access to educational resources and tailored materials.

Stamatios Taramas, a parent who signed his son up for the winter bioengineering course (offered again this summer with Jeremy Keys, a PhD candidate in biomedical engineering), said the class was excellent.

“Jeremy was awesome, both in the lectures and the recordings. He analyzed everything thoroughly, but left room for the student to engage in research on his own. My son found the class very interactive and engaging.”

Class size is limited to 20 participants for adults and 30 participants for youth and teens, so interested students are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

Registration closes in mid-June for most courses. For more information and instructions on how to register, visit the CAU website.

This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving

Looking for a great gift idea? Consider giving a gift that will stand the test of time.

The Wine Lover
This holiday season, focus on something everyone can agree on—wine. If you love wine and want to take your appreciation to the next level, you’ll benefit from this hands-on course offered by Cornell University. Take a journey through the winemaking process from grape to glass, learning how to taste and evaluate wine with guidance from world-renowned Cornell hospitality experts. Learn more


The Beer Enthusiast
With so many beer options out there, how will you decide? It’s a question restaurants and enthusiasts alike are asking. Discover the answer with the Beer Appreciation certificate program at Cornell! This program provides an end-to-end understanding of beer production, tasting, and selection for making educated decisions on your choice beverage. From ingredients and process to sensory analysis, you will expand your knowledge and appreciation of beers.


The Entrepreneur
Have a great idea? Master the skills needed to get it off the ground with Cornell’s new Entrepreneurship certificate program. Designed for both entrepreneurs and new investors, this program guides you from assessing your concept’s viability, to navigating the pitch process, securing the right kind of funding and maintaining key relationships. Don’t wait; turn your side hustle into your main gig!


The Techie
Python is one of today’s fastest-growing and in-demand programming languages. The Software Development in Python certificate program follows a rigorous, real-world approach to developing proficiency in Python programming and software development. Don’t hesitate to add this skill to your resume!


The Health Guru
Striving to be the healthiest version of yourself? Earn a Nutrition and Healthy Living certificate to get an in-depth, contemporary scientific look at nutrition, exercise, weight loss and disease prevention. You’ll come away with a holistic view of how biochemical pathways work together with physiological systems and behavior to determine nutritional health and overall wellness.


New online Digital Photography certificate program

Capturing great photographs takes more than a good camera or the right Instagram filter. To be a successful photographer, one must master a variety of observational and artistic techniques, as well as become intimately familiar with photography’s technical elements and professional workflows.

Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning is launching a new Digital Photography certificate program, aimed at building professional photography skills and knowledge. Available online through eCornell, the program will explore everything from the mechanics of the camera to the digital programs used for editing, as well as help students strengthen the self-discipline, concentration, and critical thinking mindset essential to good photography.

Composed of seven courses, this certificate program will cover the fundamentals of photography, explain how to choose the right camera and use it, explore the digital tools available today and deep dive into lighting, style and expression, and best practices. Learners will examine standard camera features and develop a toolkit of techniques for creating different types of photographs to meet their expressive goals.

“This certificate program is designed to build essential photography skills, learn best practices and develop a professional approach to photography, whether using it commercially or for personal reasons,” says Barry Perlus, program author and Associate Professor of the Cornell College of Architecture, Art, and Planning.

Perlus is a recognized artist and educator who employs photography and digital imaging in his artistic practice. His work embodies a keen interest in observation and interpretation, using elements of scale, perspective, light, color, and abstraction to create new interpretations.

Learners will benefit from expert insight into various image management programs and how to create an efficient workflow. Best practices will be shared on the nuts and bolts of professional photography, including legally protecting work, designing websites and developing a social media presence. By the end of the program, learners will have gained the necessary skills to achieve their professional or personal goals as a photographer.

Courses include:

  • Photography Fundamentals
  • Camera Selection and Mechanics
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Lighting
  • Style and Expression Through Photography
  • Building a Photography Portfolio
  • Professional Photography

After successful completion of the seven courses, learners will receive a Digital Photography certificate from Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning. Learn more about this program.